Business Administration

The Business Administration Diploma at Nova Career College is designed to provide students with the vital skills and knowledge necessary for a business or entrepreneurial career. The program includes a comprehensive study of advanced business principles, focusing on modern management trends and theories. Students will gain hands-on experience, applying their learning to real-world situations. The course also integrates training in essential business tools and software, preparing students to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic business environment.

Accounting & Payroll Administration

At Nova Career College, the Accounting and Payroll Administration Diploma Program is designed to provide students with the essential skills for a successful career in accounting. This comprehensive program covers key areas such as accounting and bookkeeping fundamentals, payroll management, compliance regulations, and proficiency in vital accounting software like Sage QuickBooks and Microsoft Office. This curriculum prepares students to excel in the dynamic and competitive field of accounting.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Diploma Program at Nova Career College is tailored to impart a wide range of strategies, techniques, and essential skills required for a thriving career in digital marketing. This program immerses students in the expansive realm of digital channels, covering aspects such as social media, email marketing, web design, and SEO. The curriculum culminates with a 4-week practicum, offering students the opportunity to develop and implement an online business strategy in a practical, real-world setting.